Band really benefit from Tony’s fund-raising match

North West Legends team at the charity match
North West Legends team at the charity match

Stars playing in a football match have raised thousands for charity which included a Chorley band.

Sporting names gathered at Street Football Club, in Somerset, to take part in a North West Legends vs. The Hollyoaks cast.

The match was took place to help raise money for the St Peter’s Brigade Chorley and Flood Relief.

Bamber Bridge utility player Matt Mahoney featured for the North West side alongside ex Bolton Wanderers midfielder Michael Roddy.

The game raised £5,661.50 and more than £1,000 was donated to St Peter’s.

Prolific fundraiser Tony Cartwright organised the match and chose St Peter’s for a particular reason.

He said: “My grandson William is a drummer in the band .

“The group are going to Paris in July and they will perform at the Eiffel Tower, it’s part of the Disney Land parade.

“He attended the match to thank the teams on behalf of the band.

“It was great to raise so much money for the band, they do struggle and we have a further donation to make.”

The North West Legends got off to a bad start as Chorley butcher Paul Gobin gave away a penalty.

But a fine comeback which saw goals from Barry Shorrock, Callum Mahoney and two from Matt Mahoney saw the North West Legends run out 4-2 winners.

More than 1700 people attended the match which delighted Tony.

He added: “It’s one of the biggest crowds we’ve had, it was a top weekend and I’d say it’s probably the best crowd we’ve had, they got behind us and some had even been at the club since 7.30am, it really was a great day.

“We managed to get good names turning out at the event and we are hoping for the same next year.

“The Hollyoaks group are excellent, they are really down to earth and they are still talking about it on social media.”

Plans are already well underway for next years event.

Fleetwood Town’s Highbury Stadium has been earmarked as a venue however it is yet to be confirmed. A date hasn’t been confirmed for the next fixture although early May is a target that has been set by Tony and his team.”