Chorley snatch shots of 'UFO'

Is it a bird, is it a plane or is there something more sinister out there?

They're among the questions amateur photographer Lisa-Marie Fairclough - and several other Guardian readers - are asking after more possible sightings of UFOs above the roof tops in Chorley.

The 16-year-old, from Hallwood Road, Chorley, says she has twice seen a mysterious orange light hovering near her house - with the most recent one being on Friday.

She took a photo of the first incident while her mum Sharon Nicholson believes she captured a flying saucer on her mobile phone - which can be viewed on the Guardian's website

Retired granddad Tony Wootten has also contacted the Guardian after claiming he saw a red flashing light with a white tail on Friday evening.

In Lisa-Marie's case she says she first spotted the strange light over homes and businesses on Pall Mall at around 9pm on December 31.

At first they didn't suspect anything until the light starting moving around the sky in a 'zig-zag' pattern.

The Runshaw College student said: "I was on my way to bed when my mum said 'you'd better have a look at this.'

"At first I thought it was just a street light but when I looked closer it looked like a diamond and it was moving around in the sky for about half an hour before flying off. I never believed in this kind of thing before but my stepdad is really in to it. I'm definitely a believer now."

Initially it was thought it might have been a street light but when when Lisa-Marie investigated the following day she said there was no such light.

She also claims it is too high to be part of the street furniture.

The student, who is studying to become a dog groomer, says her mum Sharon saw the suspected UFO again days later on Friday.

She said: "It is definitely not like anything I've every seen before."

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Make your own mind up about the UFO by viewing the footage Sharon Nicholson took of the 'flying saucer' just click the green play button.

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