Controversial video leaves a Nazi taste

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A controversial video – featuring scenes from an Adolf Hitler film – about a Chorley town centre cafe row has been slammed as racist and offensive.

The parody from the 2004 German movie Downfall shows the crestfallen Nazi leader in his Berlin bunker with his staff in the last days of the war.

On-screen subtitles depict Hitler devastated that Grandma’s Kitchen on Chapel Street is being threatened by the Chorley Town Centre Cafe just doors away.

Last month, the Guardian featured a story about the two cafes.

Husband and wife Stan and Jeannie Hilton, who run Grandma’s Kitchen, said they feared they may have to close their business in the face of stiff competition – most notably the Chorley Town Centre Cafe.

The video has been taken down from the Chorley Then and Now Facebook group site on which it was posted.

The subtitles mention Malcolm Allen, chairman of the Chorley Traders’ Alliance, who runs Malcolm’s Musicland, Chapel Street.

Hitler storms: “Whose side is Malcolm on?

“I’ll burn his pram and music business to the ground if he has waivered”.

They also talk of ‘running businesses out of town’.

A spokesman for the Chorley Then and Now Facebook group said: “I was disgusted and we don’t allow that sort of nonsense on the group.

“Personally I thought there was a racist element to it when they put they should have got a petition to run the scoundrels out of town. I also got in touch with Malcolm to say his business was mentioned – not in a pleasant way.”

Mr Allen said: “It’s a bit on the offensive side.

“We know who’s posted it.

“The Chorley Then and Now Facebook group is a great idea for people abroad keeping in touch with Chorley.

“But things like this - it really doesn’t do the group any good.”

Stan Hilton, of Grandma’s Kitchen, saw the funny side of the video, though.

However, he said his business had had nothing to do with it.

“It’s hilarious. Jeannie loves it as well,” he said.

“We are absolutely innocent of that. Our alibi is we were on holiday.

“I think it’s funny. We were laughing our heads off.

“We’ve absolutely no idea who’s done it.”

Adam Simsek, owner of the Chorley Town Centre Cafe, said he had not seen the video and knew nothing about it.

“I just concentrate on my business,” he said.

The video starts with Hitler being told:

“A new branch of eateries is branching out, sir . . .

“Our sources tell us they have been getting ever nearer.

“Finally they have arrived, Chorley Town Cafe!”

It goes on:

“They are undercutting the prices left right and centre.”

Further on, Hitler shouts: “No one runs my Grandma’s Kitchen out of business, no one.

“The people of Chorley will stand firm.

“They will not change the habits of a lifetime.

“How much are their chip barms, anyway?

“Look what happened to Burger King. Gone! Pizza Land !!! No-one messes with Grandma’s Kitchen!”

It continues with Hitler


“The grass is NOT greener.

“Will Chorley Town Cafe be here for the long haul? . . .

“How could this happen to me again. Harry’s Bar, Worrall’s and Woolworth’s and now this.

“The final straw.

“We could have organised a petition to run these scoundrels out of town.

“If only the people of Chorley could read and write!”

A link to the video can be found here