Councillor’s tumble sparks safety warning

Safety call: Coun Matthew Lynch  at the moss strewn pavement
Safety call: Coun Matthew Lynch at the moss strewn pavement

A councillor is calling on a housing company to clean up their act after he fell off his bike on a footpath riddled with moss.

Matthew Lynch, a parish councillor in Astley Village, was left with a bruised knee thanks to his tumble. The incident

happened last week on a path connecting Buckshaw Hall Close to Great Meadow and Broadfield.

The path in question is maintained by Places for People.

Mr Lynch, was seeing to a resident on his bike but when he attempted to set off, the wheel buckled from under him due to the moss.

Mr Lynch fears for the safety of others in Astley Village.

He feels if action isn’t taken someone else could suffer much worse injuries than a bruised knee.

He said: “When the moss becomes wet, it’s really slippy to stand on. I fear if somebody has crutches or they have a walking stick or frame then they could really hurt themselves.”

Mr Lynch wants Places for People to take action against the paths and maintain them throughout the year.

“I’d like Places for People to hire a mechanical cleaner which will clean the paths in the village once a year, they need to invest in the village.”

Currently some residents in Astley Village pay a service charge for Places for People to maintain the area.

The company will clean paths, walls and conduct general maintenance work.

However Mr Lynch claims this is rarely being done.

He added: “I’ve seen litter picking teams but they’ve no interest in paths, we pay a service charge and at the moment we don’t get all the services.”

Places for People has said they will contact Mr Lynch to discuss the problem. A spokesman said: “We are sorry to hear of his concerns.”