Cricket club is paying a high price for break-ins

Adlington Cricket Club
Adlington Cricket Club

A cricket club has had to fork out for repairs and security after suffering a series of break-ins.

Adlington CC was struck by a spate of four raids, and secretary Nick Chamberlain said it had probably cost the club “nearly £3,000”.

“There’s certainly no money on the premises overnight, that’s without question,” he said.

“We assume it’s just people up to devilment.

“The front windows are six foot by six foot which cost the earth to replace and there’s call out charge.

“They damaged two of the front windows. Nothing of value at all was taken.”

The club plays in the Bolton Association League.

Mr Chamberlain said: “It’s soul destroying really.

“We try to do our best for the community and this is the way they repay us. It takes a lot to keep a club going.”

Chorley Police responded to the alarm going at 10.15pm at the club on February 9, when nothing was taken.

Prior to that, thieves got away with a total of £180 worth of alcohol in two separate break-ins.