Food bank provided vital help for Angela

Angela Robinson at Living Waters Storehouse

Angela Robinson at Living Waters Storehouse

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A woman who was struggling to make ends meet has spoken about the help she was given by Chorley’s food bank.

Angela Robinson sought help after realising her cupboards were bare and she was losing weight.

She said: “I’m usually happy-go-lucky, but when I opened my cupboard and there was nothing to eat, it was devastating.”

She is unemployed and receives Jobseekers’ Allowance.

But when the bedroom tax was introduced last year, she had to pay £50 - meaning she could not afford to buy food.

Angela, of Clayton Brook, said: “I would have lost my home. That £50 would have been my two weeks of shopping.”

Angela has lived in her three-bedroom house since 2006 and has not been able to move somewhere smaller to avoid the bedroom tax.

She said: “It’s a big house and I have to pay a lot. Sometimes I go without gas because things get so bad.

“My family help me, but I didn’t want to put this burden on them.”

Eventually, she asked an advisor at the job centre for a referral to Living Waters Storehouse, on Bolton Street.

Angela, 40, said: “I had to pluck up the courage to get the referral and go to Living Waters.

“When I got to the door, I didn’t want to go in. I thought I would go without and wait until I got paid.

“I braved it and went in.

“They made me feel so welcome. I certainly wasn’t expecting what I got. It was amazing.”

Angela was given a food parcel to last her for four days.

“I felt very, very happy because it was a quality food parcel,” she said.

“It wasn’t just in a carrier bag, they made it like I had been to Asda or Morrisons. They were proper bags.

“Obviously people feel a bit ashamed of going to a food bank and walking through the streets with different bags of food. It’s not like that here.”

The food parcel provided a lifeline and has spurred Angela on to a brighter future.

She has started a college course and is working towards a career in admin.

Angela also regularly volunteers at the Storehouse to show her gratitude for the help she was given.

And she is encouraging other people in need to consider turning to the food bank.

“I would drag other people here if I could,” she said.