Jail for preying women

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A 34-year Chorley woman has been jailed for 44 months and her friend for four months after targeting vulnerable men and stealing from them.

Rebecca Reeves was also given a five year criminal ASBO (CRASBO) banning her from offering services and sexual favours for money and entering sheltered or supported housing. Reeves, of Liptrott Road, pleaded guilty to burglary after breaking into the house of a man, 57, who was in poor health.

While on bail, Reeves and Tracy Halliday, 40, of Chester Place, visited the home of a man, 74, they went to see regularly. They were in the habit of calling and trying to get money from him by offering services such as shopping, household chores and sexual favours. But after they had left money had been taken from a bedroom.

Judge Robert Altham said; “There is no way of qualifying the amount of money that was taken but the fact is that the two of you took advantage of an elderly man by distracting him.”

Both women pleaded guilty to theft.