Leukaemia battler Callum has full family support

Callum Gray 17, Isla Gray, 6, Rachel Gray, 23, Jackie Gray, 22, Alex Gray, 19,
Callum Gray 17, Isla Gray, 6, Rachel Gray, 23, Jackie Gray, 22, Alex Gray, 19,

A Chorley teenager battling cancer has been given a life-saving gift from his sister.

Callum Gray, 17, received the devastating news last January that he had leukaemia.

After initially thinking it was an infection in his leg, Callum went to the doctor to receive treatment – and further tests revealed that the infection was leukaemia.

Doctors recommended stem cell treatment to battle the illness.

And after tests on family members, results showed that Callum’s 22-year-old sister Jackie was a perfect match for the transplant.

The pair underwent the operation last June.

The transplant required Jackie to have blood taken out of one arm and fed back into another.

The stem cells were then transferred into Callum’s body by a drip during a one-hour one hour operation.

The treatment was successful and now the former Runshaw College and St Michael’s CE High pupil, who lives on Highfield Road, is in remission.

He said: “My sister really did save my life.

“It’s a rare thing a family member is a match as it’s usually someone random.

“But it’s pretty good to be in remission.

“I can get back to doing normal things again.”

Clic Sargent was one of the charities to help Callum while he was receiving treatment.

Now his brother Alex, 19 and sister Rachel, 23, are raising money for the young people’s charity by running the London Marathon on Sunday, April 13.

Rachel said: “It was a real shock to the system finding out about Callum.

“He was always the fit one out of the five of us, but he has been so brave the whole time.”

The pair have sights set on raising £4,000 for the charity.

Rachel added: “The money that we raise can help other people and it’s all worth it.

“We have both been training properly since October now. We’ve raised £1,500 so far so there is a long way to go.”

After the marathon Rachel still wants to continue raising money but doesn’t have any immediate thoughts on what to do.

She added: “I would love to help out and keep raising money, we have been to events earlier in the year and hopefully we can do a few more things.”

If you want to help Rachel and Alex on their journey then you can donate at www.justgiving.com/RachelAlexGray.