ASBO women’s nickname leads to Angels upset

David Forrest, leader for Chorley's Angels, and below, the five women dubbed

David Forrest, leader for Chorley's Angels, and below, the five women dubbed "Chorley's Angels"


A community group believes its reputation has been tarnished after its name was used for a gang of women who targeted vulnerable men.

Chorley’s Angels have even considered changing their name to avoid being associated with the women.

As previously reported, five women have appeared in court after targeting vulnerable people and offering sexual favours for money.

The women were dubbed “Chorley’s Angels” and the nickname was widely used by national newspapers.

The articles immediately appear when the name is entered into Google’s search engine.

Chorley’s Angels, a first aid group founded in September, believe the nickname has had an impact on its reputation.

David Forrest, leader for Chorley’s Angels, said: “It’s a nightmare. We are trying to build up our group and doing great things and then this happens.

“We are trying to get funding for equipment, but how will we get funding with our name associated with these women?”

David has already contacted national newspapers asking them to remove the name.

And he is concerned about the lasting impact it could have on the group.

David said: “We had a chat about changing our name and decided not to, but it depends how far it goes as we might have to.

“We also have a Facebook page which has been going since we started in September and it has gone ballistic. A lot of people have visited.

“People are linking us to them. It’s horrendous.

“I’m hoping it will blow over. How much damage it has done, or how much it will do, who knows?”

Tracy Halliday, 40, of Chester Place, Adlington; Lesley Bennett, 36, of Ashby Street, Chorley; Emma Reeves, 36, of Princess Street, Chorley; and Andrena Kelly, 36, of John Street, Coppull, have all been given ASBOs after targeting vulnerable people.

Rebecca Reeves, 34, of Liptrott Road, Chorley, was jailed for 44 months and given a five-year criminal anti-social behaviour order (CRASBO) after stealing from vulnerable men.

Halliday was also jailed for four months for theft.




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