Northern Lights seen in Chorley

The Northern Lights captured by Jez Clay

The Northern Lights captured by Jez Clay


Spectacular colours filled the skies above Chorley with a rare display of the Northern Lights.

These photographs were taken by Jez Clay, who rushed outside with his camera after hearing the lights were visible in England.

Jez, of Anderton Crescent, Buckshaw Village, has long dreamed of seeing the Northern Lights - also known as Aurora Borealis - and was already planning a trip to Norway later this year to see them.

They were not visible when he went for a walk near his home, but he spotted the colourful display when he drove to Abbey Village with his wife, Jessica.

Jez, 33, said: “It has been an ambition of me and my wife to get to see the Northern Lights for quite a few years.

“It was amazing. We looked at each other and couldn’t believe what was happening.

“I have never heard of anyone seeing them in Chorley. It was a very euphoric moment.

“It was such a strange feeling to see it on our doorstep.”

The Northern Lights can usually only be seen much further north, but there were sightings from across the UK on Thursday night.




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