The 2014 War of the Roses

Life in medieval England during the War of the Roses was recreated during a special weekend at Hoghton Tower.

Re-enactment group, Sir John Savile Household, spent Saturday and Sunday doing demonstrations for visitors at the landmark monument. The living history displays surrounded medieval lifestyles, cookery, clothing and how people cured themselves.

Sir John Savile Houshold perform a 15th century dance

Sir John Savile Houshold perform a 15th century dance

Members of the group also performed dances from the 15th century, fired cannons and performed a play named George And The Dragon.

Around 1,000 people visited over the weekend and learned about the struggle between the royal households of York and


They spent time talking to members of the group, trying out weapons and headgear, and even learning how to be a knight.

The historic event is set to return to Hoghton Tower so that more people can find out about life during the War of the Roses.

Elena Faraoni, a trustee of Hoghton Tower Preservation Trust, said: “This is the first time we have held this but we are intending to do more, because we feel it’s in keeping with the house.”