X Factor hero bids farewell to friends

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He may be known for his singing stint on last year’s X Factor, but it is his place in the army that still holds a special place in Jonjo Kerr’s heart.

And now the Chorley star, who was selected for Louis Walsh’s category in the live shows of ITV’s popular reality programme, is putting his microphone down, and making his return to Afghanistan on the 26th February.

Talking to the Chorley Guardian, Jonjo, 28, said: “I am ready for it, and I feel like I have got the best people round me at home and in Afghanistan.

“Obviously I am nervous, but that’s natural and good.

“My family are very nervous as well - it’s difficult to put into words how they feel about their son or their brother going to Afghanistan, especially with what’s in the news about people getting killed.

“But equally, they are very proud.”

But despite the nerves, Jonjo is glad to be back in the company of his fellow soldiers, spending quality time with them before being deployed.

“The lads are very proud of what I have achieved,” he said.

“There is a lot of mickey, but a lot of banter as well.

“They are happy to know me as a soldier, and not just to have known me for TV.”

And although his fans may be worried that Jonjo will not be making a return to the recording studio any time in the near future, the budding artist is hopeful that he will be entertaining again upon his return.

“You never know what will happen when I get back,” he said.

“I like doing charity stuff as much as I can.”

Jonjo was given a hero’s send off by his family and friends at Chorley FC last week, where he couldn’t resist taking to the stage for a spot of karaoke.

Speaking at the event, he said: “The hardest thing is going to be leaving my wife Mel and sons Bradley and Dominic.

“I’m really going to miss them.”