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Daisy Indian Restaurant in Chorley

Daisy Indian Restaurant in Chorley

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“If only every curry tasted this good.”

Those were the words of my dining partner, boyfriend Danny, as he tucked into his main course at Daisy Indian Restaurant.

His hot tiger king prawn special certainly hit the spot, with the combination of exotic spices, onion and green peppers giving it a really good taste.

But he had certainly had to wait for it. We arrived at the restaurant on a Sunday afternoon to try something different to a usual roast.

The restaurant looked really modern and we were greeted by a waiter straight away, who took us to our table. All good so far.

The restaurant has a buffet on Sundays, which costs £9.99 for adults and is free for children under 10 years old.

It must be a popular option, because the waiter assumed we would be eating from the buffet.

But because it was our first visit, we wanted to consider our options and really had to push to be given menus to browse.

The menu was packed with a wide range of starters, main courses and side orders and we really were spoiled for choice.

We also had a wander over to the buffet to see what was available.

There was a good selection of starters and sides, but only a few curries, probably the most popular


We decided to pay a bit more and order different dishes from the menu.

For starters I chose vegetable samosas (£2.90). Danny initially ordered the monkfish (£5.90), but after being told it wasn’t available, opted for the duck tikka (£3.90) instead.

I ordered duck tikka curry (£10.60) for my main course, with egg fried rice (£2), while Danny ordered the hot tiger king prawn special (£12.95) and vegetable fried rice (£2).

We each ordered a garlic coriander nan bread too (£2.50 each).

After ordering, we sat back, sipped our drinks and noticed time ticking by.

It took more than 35 minutes for our starters to arrive , by which time we were very hungry.

We had been wondering whether we’d made the wrong choice by ordering from the menu, so we were pleased when the food arrived at last.

My two samosas were really tasty, packed with vegetables and quite spicy.

Danny’s duck was delicious and really whet his appetite.

Luckily, there wasn’t such a long wait for our main courses and they were brought over on a trolley.

They were well presented and the portions were generous.

My duck tasted great and was cooked well. I would have liked more of a kick to the sauce though, which was classed as medium.

The rice was good and I couldn’t get enough of the nan bread, despite it being a bit greasy. Danny loved his prawns and really enjoyed the mixture of tastes.

Neither of us managed to clear our plates, but it wasn’t for lack of trying.

Despite the slow start, the food was definitely worth the wait and we were glad we’d ordered from the menu.

The total bill, with drinks, was £46.15.

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