From the ashes of Thunder

Is that the distand sound of Thunder?

Monday, 9th June 2014, 7:00 am
The Union
The Union

New band The Union head to Preston’s 53 Degrees on July 25 – a group formed by guitarist Luke Morley and ex Winterville vocalist/guitarist Peter Shoulder.

Morley’s previous band Thunder disbanded after their most successful UK tour in their 20-year history culminated in an emotional sold out show at Hammersmith Apollo.

Peter Shoulder is one of only three British artists (the other two being Eric Clapton and Peter Green) to win a W.C. Handy Blues Foundation award, presented in Memphis in 2006 for co-writing American Blues Song of the year 2006.

Luke said: “I met Pete eight years ago and I knew instantly that he had an unbelievable voice that could really move people.

“He’s also a very impressive guitar player. We’ve worked together ever since.”

Pete added: “Working with Luke has always been a pleasure.

“Whenever we get together it is always a very creative, free and inspiring experience.

“It’s an exciting thing to be working on something new with someone who has already had such an illustrious career to date. It all feels very natural.”

Merging modern and classic rock, blues and country, the band’s songwriting is pulled together by the uniquely powerful and emotive vocals of Shoulder.