Eight out of 10 frogs prefer it

It’s the TV comedy panel show that’s not on TV but instead happens live in front of your very eyes.

Wednesday, 1st May 2013, 9:36 am
Will Duggan
Will Duggan

Preston’s Frog and Bucket hosts the fourth edition of their very own comedy panel show, Who’s Mocking 8 out of 10 Frogs Anyway, tomorrow night.

The show is hosted by comedian Will Duggan, himself a previous star of the Frog and Bucket’s amateur nights, Beat the Frog, and subsequently of the Beat the Frog World Series comedy championship.

And revving up the laughs on the panels for this evening are Chris McLlroy, Liam Pickford, Wes Thompson, Craig Cunningham, Jayne Edwards and the hilarious Richard Massara.

Manager of the Frog and Bucket, Jack Bamber, masterminds the show, which launched on February 7 this year, and says it is the highlight of the month at the Lords Walk club.

He said: “We all love a good TV comedy quiz show, so we’ve created our own!

“We’ve got two panels duelling topical and satirical wit for points, puns and putdowns - and it all goes ahead on the first Thursday of every month.

“The quiz com concept isn’t new but it has never been done in a comedy club before. The show is two hours long so it’s a big job to write for it.

“But it’s so rewarding writing all the questions when you hear some fantastic jokes flying about with seven comedians all on stage at once!”

Doors for the show open at 7pm. Admission is free on the night but seats can be reserved in advance for just £2.