New Model Army are marching back into city

Yorkshire based crusty rockers New Model Army arrive at Preston’s 53 Degrees tomrrow.

Wednesday, 15th May 2013, 10:07 am
New Model Army
New Model Army

The cult band, formed in Bradford at the beginning of the 1980s by Justin Sullivan, Stuart Morrow and Phil Tompkins, have never had a Top 20 hit.

But they have still sold millions of albums and have influenced many genres, including post punk, folk rock and political rock.

Yet, vowing that they would never belong to any club that would have them as members, they have always been part of a subculture of musical activism.

Their 1984 debut album gave them their best known single, in its title track, Vengeance, which chimed with the activism and feeling of the Thatcher era.

Originally a trio, they have now expanded to a five piece, with Michael Dean on drums, Dean White on keyboards, Marshall Gill on guitar and newest addition, Ceri Monger on bass.

In the the mid-1990s, they pioneered wholly independent control in publishing and recording, which is now gaining ground as the internet impacts on record sales worldwide.

But they spent much of last year rebuilding after their studio was destroyed in a disastrous fire on Christmas Eve and most of their touring equipment was stolen.

Now however, they are back with an as yet unamed album ready for release.

Support is from Ellen Cox. Tickets are £17.50 plus booking fee on 01772 893000, from Action Records, Church Street, Preston, on 01772 258809, or online at