Sew Confident Chorley: Getting green with the lean, mean sewing machines

Fatbergs in the UK first burst onto the sewer scene in the early 2010s, coinciding with the proliferation in usage of disposable cloths in the form of things like make-up wipes, and earlier this year, the largest fatberg ever discovered was caught sludging its way along a sewer in Liverpool. It weighed 400 tonnes and was 250 metres long. It's still being broken up to this day.

Chris Bell

MyWaggyTails Chorley: Pro pet-care for the North West's furry friends

In the UK, one in every four people owns a dog. As a nation, we love our four-legged friends, and so the announcement of a new pet care venture offering everything from dog-walking and doggy day-care to home visits and animal Reiki will be music to the ears of Chorley residents and their soon-to-be pampered pooches.

Little Voices performers in action.

Little Voices making a big difference in Preston and Chorley

What do the youngest ever finalist in The Apprentice and a budding teenage thespian who has starred in Matilda on the West End have in common? Supreme talent, indelible passion, and intelligence are all prerequisites for such ventures, but another key thing stands out. They both attended a certain Lancastrian performing arts school. A school with a difference.

Development chemist, Caroline Eatock.

Kerax Ltd: The wonders of wax laid bare by Chorley company

Hear the word ‘wax’, and most minds turn immediately to candles and ears. Some may even combine the two, recalling that scene in Shrek where the eponymous ogre retrieves a sludgy wick from his own ear before lighting it, setting the mood as Donkey sulks outside. But, animated films aside, wax is everywhere. On an industrial level, it’s amazingly versatile.

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