M6 Charnock Richard services access road shut off to motorists

An access road to M6 services in Lancashire  has now been shut off '“ ending a route used by motorists as an  unofficial motorway junction.

Monday, 6th August 2018, 8:31 am
Updated Tuesday, 7th August 2018, 2:58 pm
The barrier is up now at the M6 services at Charnock Richard. But who is behind the move?

The entrance to the northbound M6 at Charnock Richard now has a barrier.

It is understood that only emergency services and staff at the nearby Welcome Break services and hotel are allowed access.

But it is still a mystery as to who is behind the move.

The barrier is up now at the M6 services at Charnock Richard. But who is behind the move?

Some weeks ago signs appeared on the northbound and southbound access roads off Mill Lane, in Charnock Richard, announcing they are to be closed to motorists from July.

Now the northbound side has a barrier – but the southbound side is still open.

Historically both the access routes had no entry signs, but for many years motorists have used the motorway services as an unofficial junction to get on and off the M6.

The closures will mean commuters will have to go to either junction 27 for Standish or junction 28 for Leyland, bringing thousands more vehicles through Standish, Wrightington and Coppull.

One angry motorist said he almost drove into the new barrier this week.

And then he discovered the southbound side was still open – allowing traffic to come off between Leyland and Standish.

He said: “This is a really useful junction in both directions of the M6. It makes no sense to close it.

“It takes all the pressure off Leyland and Standish. The businesses on the services will lose a lot of trade, because residents in the area have practically no other shops.”

MPs have not been notified about the changes.

Local MP Sir Lindsay Hoyle has previously called for a new junction at the services in Charnock Richard to alleviate traffic at the two junctions on either side.

A Welcome Break spokesman said he would investigate the situation.