Lancashire man's holiday in Tunisia ruined after he developed a 'horrendous' gastric illness

A Lancashire man is taking legal action after being taken ill on 'nightmare' holiday in Tunisia.

Thursday, 9th May 2019, 11:31 am
Updated Thursday, 9th May 2019, 12:31 pm
Tunisia is a popular holiday destination

Neil Bamford from Chorley, developed symptoms including severe vomiting and associated abdominal pain just days into his week-long break at the Magic Life Manar resort with his wife Sandra in September of last year.

The problems proved so severe that the 62-year-old retired aircraft engineer not only required treatment from a doctor while at the resort but Neil also needed further support from his own GP as the symptoms persisted following his return home to the UK.

Now, Neil has approached lawyers Irwin Mitchell’s specialist holiday illness team to investigate the illness he suffered and help him gain answers regarding how the issue emerged.

Neil Bamford

The legal experts have vast experience in providing support to those who have suffered injury or illness at holiday resorts across the globe.

Jennifer Mullins, the specialist travel lawyer at Irwin Mitchell who is investigating Neil’s case, said: “We are hugely concerned by the first-hand account provided to us and we have now commenced investigations into Neil’s illness.

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“We are determined to help him gain answers regarding these problems and hope that our work will ensure that lessons can be learned, so that no one else suffers in a similar manner in the future.”

“We have already begun our own investigation into the holiday and are keen to determine what caused Neil to fall ill.

"As part of our work and to assist with our investigations, we would be keen to hear from anyone else who may also have been affected by illness whilst staying at the Magic Life Manar, Tunisia.

Neil’s stay at the all-inclusive resort, located on a sandy beach on the Gulf of Hammamet, began on September 11 last year and he fell ill just four days into the holiday.

He said: “The illness was absolutely horrendous and meant that the rest of the holiday was just completely written off.

"Even though I saw a doctor I could barely leave my room and, to make matters worse, I was so reliant on my wife that she did not get to enjoy the break either.

“The whole holiday was completely ruined and it is devastating to think that we were just desperate to get back home.

"It was a nightmare and we will always remember the holiday for all of the wrong reasons.”

Neil added that he saw a number of issues which concerned him at the resort.

He explained: “I had seen problems like at times meals being reheated in the microwave, as well as dishes like lasagne on occasions being served when they were still frozen in the middle.

"I also saw chefs on occasions adding raw chicken to cooked chicken and at some points noticed cockroaches outside of the restaurant. Despite this, I never thought for a second that I would fall ill.

“I am certain that I was not the only one affected either, as some holidaymakers on the way home also complained about problems and talked about the amount of weight they’d lost due to the illness.

"I was also concerned to read the number of trip advisor reviews which refer to illness and concerns with cleanliness in the resort.

"It is shocking to think about what I went through and it is clear that I deserve answers regarding what has happened.”

A spokesman for TUI said: We are very sorry to hear of Mr Bamford’s experience.

"As this is now a legal matter, it would be inappropriate to comment further.

"We’d like to reassure customers that we regularly audit all of the hotels we feature in respect of health and safety, including hygiene."