Brindle Distillery: The gin producers had great support in Lockdown and 'were keeping the county stocked up with gin'

The success of the creators of Cuckoo Gin is why the distillery is included in our Chorley 150 series - 150 stories over 150 days as a celebration of all-things Chorley.

Thursday, 24th June 2021, 11:43 am
Updated Thursday, 24th June 2021, 11:49 am
Cuckoo Gin, the creation of Brindle Distillery
Cuckoo Gin, the creation of Brindle Distillery

Chorley is making some mouthwatering contributions to the world of drink.

Not least, in the shape of gin.

Who doesn't love a balloon glass clinking with ice, a dapple of fruit, and a refreshment under the title of "gin and tonic"?

Mark Long of Brindle Distillery, which makes Cuckoo Gin

One gin to have really made in-roads into our Chorley psyche and drinks' cupboards is Cuckoo Gin, created by Brindle Distillery.

It's success is why the distillery is included in our Chorley 150 series - 150 stories as a celebration of all-things Chorley.

The distillery was started in summer 2017 by the Singletons of Holmes Farm in Brindle.

It's been a fascinating journey for the business, which is perhaps best known for that very same Cuckoo Gin.

Juniper, without which gin can't be gin

Mark Long, the Singletons son-in-law and head distiller, said: "We're really proud of where we've come.

"We've just celebrated four years in business and we now employ five full-time staff as well as 25 part- time or casual staff."

The distillery has forged a relationship with that great Lancashire supermarket institution, Booths.

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And, despite the past 18 months having been more than a little trying for the food and drink industry, the distillery has secured planning permission for its in-house bar and guided tours to operate permanently.

Mark said: "During lockdown we got great local support online.

"We were keeping the county stocked up with gin.

"It's totally unique; we use our own water from a spring on the farm."

Mark Long of Brindle Distillery

Since the easing of restrictions Brindle Distillery has been able to safely welcome customers back onto its site, offering tours and a bar to enjoy.

It's still relatively new, but Brindle Distillery seems to have what it takes to become a real Chorley institution.

Find out more about the distillery here

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