Christine’s Falklands postcard is apt discovery

Margaret Thatcher postcard
Margaret Thatcher postcard
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Reader Christine Hodkinson was somewhat bewildered when she happened to find an old postcard with then-Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher on the front, on the day of the Iron Lady’s death no less.

She said: “I was just looking through some old family photos and I came across it, and thought it was really strange that I should find it on the day that she died.

“It was sent to my son Nicholas by his godfather and my brother-in-law, Ray Cowburn.

“It was when we lived in Eccleston. Ray was in the Falklands at the time, and I think he sent this postcard just before he came home.”

The postcard reads: “Dear Nicholas, I thought you might like this card as a keepsake of something that went on while you were young.

“Everything is much better down here now.

“See you all soon, Uncle Ray.”

Christine said that sadly, Ray died shortly after his return to Chorley.