Community centre gets Royal new look

Changing places: Chorley Community Centre gets a new look
Changing places: Chorley Community Centre gets a new look
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Chorley Community Centre is getting a new look with help from an initiative with the Royal seal of approval.

The ‘NEET’ 18 to 24-year-olds - which means they are not engaged in employment, education or training - are halfway through a Prince’s Trust self-development programme, delivered by the Lancashire West and Wigan branch of Groundwork.

The group is currently working hard to redecorate a room at Chorley Community Centre, where they are learning to plaster and wallpaper, skills that will hopefully lead to further qualifications or training.

As part of the initiative, the participants are encouraged to work as a team and take on new responsibilities in a bid to increase their self-confidence and esteem.

Those taking part may have dropped out of education, been unable to find a job, had a brush with the law or moved away from their home and family.

Groundwork team leader Billy Walton said: “The people who come on the Prince’s Trust course join because they want to improve their chances of training for a job or going back to college.

“There are all sorts of reasons why they might come to the Prince’s Trust and by the end of it they are in a situation where they can go into a job or training that will lead to qualifications.”

Philip Smalley-Morris, 18, from Chorley joined the programme after dropping out of college and moving away from home.

He said: “I studied some A levels for a year but the subjects didn’t inspire me so I didn’t go back. If it wasn’t for the Prince’s Trust programme I think I’d still be lounging around doing nothing.

“I plan to go back to college and I have an interview at Runshaw.

“The course is a great stepping stone to get back on the skills or job ladder and I’ve made loads of friends during the course which is really important to me as I have some trust issues and have been targeted before now because of the way I look.”