Doctor to save lives in Libya

Life-saver: Dr Younes Bazza at Chorley and South Ribble Hospital
Life-saver: Dr Younes Bazza at Chorley and South Ribble Hospital
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A Chorley doctor was set to fly into crisis-torn Libya to treat victims of the bloodshed.

Dr Younes Bazza, 53, a senior doctor in accident and emergency at the Royal Preston Hospital, will take part in the daring mission, despite Government advice to stay away from the troubled north African country.

Dr Bazza, who is orginally from Libya, is concerned for members of his family who still live there, including his elderly mother, his 26-year-old daughter and his 15-month-old granddaughter.

The married dad-of-nine spoke at his heartbreak at the unfolding turmoil, and said he knew some of the people killed in the conflict.

Dictator Colonel Muammar Gaddafi is accused of using the country’s armed forces against his own people, after anti-Government protests erupted across the vast desert nation.

Eyewitnesses say streets are lined with dead bodies, and it is believed as many as 2,000 people have been killed in the unrest, which began last week.

Dr Bazza, who lives in Chorley, said: “What is happening in Libya is horrendous, and it makes me very upset and angry to see how Gaddafi is killing his own population.

“It is heartbreaking to know that innocent men, women and children are being slaughtered, when they have done nothing wrong.

“A woman and her three children were travelling in their car, when they were attacked and killed by gunmen.

“I knew this family and this woman’s husband, so this was particularly horrible for me.

“Gaddafi’s militia also attacked a mosque and killed 15 men as they were praying. I know this mosque and have prayed there once or twice.

“Gaddafi is not treating the Libyan people like human beings, or even animals.

“He is being allowed to carry out this bloodshed, and no one is stopping him. It is a massacre.”