Dressmaker re-creates Royal wedding dress

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Chorley dressmaker Susan Craig believes she has set a new world record by getting a replica of Kate Middleton’s wedding dress on display within hours of the big event.

A pattern cutter by trade, Susan opened a bridal gown shop in Park Road 18 months ago after spending most of her career making garments and doing alterations for other stores.

And, within half an hour of the Royal nuptials on Friday April 29, she had made a sketch of the bride’s gown and worked round the clock to put her finished version on show before the end of the shopping day.

She already had an inkling that the bride would wear lace and stocked up on satin and taffeta so she would have everything she needed.

Sales consultant Lindsey Cahill said: “We had the television and internet on and Susan was sketching away as she was listening to the wedding on the radio.

“She did all the cutting out and stitching while I was being the dogsbody, running around, steaming and pressing etc. It was good fun.

“Susan is really good and the dress is beautiful.

“She was determined to get it done by 5.30pm but it was actually in the window by 5.45pm, which was brilliant.”

Lindsey added: “We have not had anyone trying it on yet but loads of people have said how beautiful it is.

“We have noticed cars slowing down and admiring it.

“Susan didn’t set out to create a record but wanted to be able to showcase the dress as soon as possible.”