Restaurant review: Vujon, Chorley

Whenever I dine in an Indian restaurant, as an Asian person, I'm used to the staff assuming I'll want my food hot, hot, hot.

Friday, 22nd January 2016, 3:33 pm
Updated Friday, 22nd January 2016, 4:34 pm
Vujon Indian Restaurant
Vujon Indian Restaurant

In reality, I’m a bit of a wimp when it comes to chillies and am far more of a medium girl than someone who craves a vindaloo.

I do, however, understand they are trying to be well meaning as many people of Asian heritage DO prefer the hot stuff – my mum and one of my sisters among them.

However, staff at Vujon did the courteous thing of coming rather than just assuming and after I’d ordered, one of the waiters returned to ask if I’d like extra spices or chillies in my start and main.

It was just one of the examples of attention to detail we experienced on our visit to Vujon, a restaurant we’d never visited before but one that seems to be gathering a great reputation for its food.

We were impressed with the tasteful and modern decor of the place.

But the really important thing is how good the food is and the friendly and welcoming staff immediately handed us menus and explained the Sunday offer which gives you poppadoms and dips, a starter of your choice, a main of your choice with boiled rice, pilau rice or chips and a naan bread of your choice between two for a bargain £10.95 per head.

As hubby, I and our two children were extra hungry, this sounded fantastic to us and great value.

The poppadoms and dips were devoured with crunching delight and they tasted fresh and crisp and paved the way nicely for our starters.

I chose the prawn puri starter which consisted of prawns cooked in a curry sauce cooked with roasted cumins and a blend of spices served on a fried mini bread.

It looked superb, was of such a generous size, and was absolutely delicious too.

Husband Keith had the chicken chaat starter which was similar to my choice except instead of prawns, it was pieces of chicken cooked with chaat masala presented on the puri bread.

Of our 10-year-old twins, our daughter chose the chicken tikka to start, which looked wonderful with big chunks of chicken coated in a garlic, cumin, cloves, coriander, mustard oil and yogurt marinade, while her brother’s mixed kebab starter looked even more impressive as it included lamb tikka as well as the chicken and a full size sheek kebab.

With the main courses, it was great to discover the £10.95 offer extended to almost all the menu including speciality dishes.

I chose the Balti Exotica, a combination of chicken and lamb tikka in a spiced balti sauce with fresh herbs, spices and a touch of citrus.

Once again, it was a delight with plenty of tender meat in a rich and sauce bursting with flavour.

Hubby was just as thrilled with his South Indian Garlic Chicken – chicken tikka cooked with fresh garlic, onion, peppers and green chillies in a masala sauce.

Our son chose the Butter Chicken – chicken cooked in a buttery aromatic sauce while our daughter had the prawn korma.

These dishes, although both mild curries, were unique in flavour and taste.

For our choice of two naan breads, we went for one Peshwari Naan and one Keema Naan and both were perfectly fluffy and well flavoured and great for dipping.

And with the final bill coming in at a smidgen over £50 with a soft drink each, we left feeling happy, full and confident that we’d just stumbled across one of Chorley’s best kept secrets.


Name: Vujon

Address: The Centre, Eaves Green Road, Chorley, PR7 3QG

Contact: 01257 266680