Film review: Columbiana

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Columbiana (15 - Dir: Olivier Megaton – Stars: Zoe Saldana)

Fresh from the lush landscape of Pandora the Avatar star gets to demonstrate all that physical prowess and determination on the gritty streets of Chicago.

She’s Cataleya, the now grown up daughter of a Columbian family murdered by drug cartel killers, and set on revenge.

She’s already bumped off twenty odd mobsters before the FBI gets any idea of her identity.

But as Cataleya is closing in on the head of the cartel, the FBI is closing in on her.

Columbiana is a hugely improbable gun-fest thriller, but it’s fast paced and stylish enough you hardly notice. 7/10

Troll Hunter (15 – Dir: Andre Ovredal – Stars: Otto Jespersen, Robert Stoltenberg, Knut Naerum)

Fun with the famous Nordic monsters of myth ... or are they?

Three students set out to investigate mysterious bear killings in the Norwegian mountains and happen upon a hunter who appears to be tooled up to catch very big bears.

As they close in on their prey, a myth from centuries of fairytales becomes all too real.

Now the spoil-sport government is also tracking them in a bid to keep the news from leaking out. But it’s too late. They’ve made this film of the whole adventure. 7/10

Kill List (18 - Dir: Ben Wheatley – Stars: Neil Maskell, Michael Smiley)

Two soldiers are back from the army and are looking for income, and when local mobsters come up with the cash for a hit list of crooks they fall into line.

The ‘wet work’ tears at the two buddies and they descend into a dark spiral of fear and paranoia. Maskell carries a particular air of menace.

Kill List attempts a genre defying leap with the finale and just about pulls it off. At times shockingly violent. 7/10