Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster PS4

Final Fantasy
Final Fantasy
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One of the greatest entries in one of the greatest role playing game series entered our offices today. Imagine the joy! Square-Enix has remastered a remaster of Final Fantasy X and X-2, sprucing it up and sticking it on Sony’s latest beast. It remains one of my favourite games ever so imagine how happy I was seeing it drop on my desk. It’s tale of imminent disaster with a hint of romance and intrigue is one of the best told and rich with personality. I was excited to play it again.

Unless you’ve been under a rock for the past two gaming generations, Final Fantasy X and X-2 made their debut on PlayStation 2. Square-Enix then remastered them by improving the graphics and adding a new soundtrack and released them on the PlayStation 3 and Vita back in 2013. Now though, these two classics have been revised yet again.

You are Tidus, a young lad who is inadvertently transported across time by a periodical disaster known as Sin who was wreaking havoc on his home town of Zanarkand. It’s not long before you meet some colourful characters who help you on your task to get back. Final Fantasy X-2 follows the character Yuna as she seeks to resolve political conflicts in the fictional world of Spira before it leads to war. Aww man! These games carry some great characters with fantastic dialogue exploring several plotlines aside from the main one. Although the story isn’t as great in X-2, it’s still an enjoyable extension of the famed franchise.

FFX/X-2 are old school RPG’s chock full of exploration and turn based combat with some extensive but well written cut scenes and both start off with a huge bang. Sin attacking Zanarkand during your Blitzball game and Yuna’s concert are brilliant entry points. The difference between the two is the combat systems. FFX is typical command based combat in which the enemy will wait until it’s their turn to attack. Levelling up characters can only be done using the intricate Sphere Grid. X-2 uses an ATB system in combat where enemies can attack if you take too long. You can also adopt different dress styles which alters how you fight. Both games are a joy to play. The combat requires some smart strategy to overcome however for newcomers, they will get annoyed by the random encounter system which was used in older RPG’s, especially during wilderness levels as I counted 3-6 steps before being thrown in another battle.

The main attraction of this remaster though is the graphical overhaul. This is no doubt the best version of both games by far. Intricate details on characters are crystal clear now thanks to the graphical buff up such as the pattern on Wakka’s headband, Lulu’s visible stocking and facial expressions. Backgrounds have been sharpened dramatically and environment textures have been improved tenfold making Spira even more of a beautiful and an immersive world. These games now stand against the best and are spectacular but if you have played the PS3 or Vita versions, there’s no justification to buy it again.


Sharpened up brighter graphics teeming with detail.

Smartly written story.

Colourful cast of interesting characters.

Great combat.

Wealth of content is great value for money.

Cross-save functionality.


Random encounters.

FFX-2 not as good as X.


These games stand the test of time nicely. Brilliant stories made even better thanks to the hefty upgrade in graphics. Not really worth buying again if you’ve got or played the previous remaster release however if you love pretty games like me, go out and buy it!