Here are some Halloween treats to try from Marks and Spencer

M&S  Meatloaf Mummy, 4, 812g
M&S Meatloaf Mummy, 4, 812g

Spooky things are happening as M&S Food has more than 50 creepy creations, to make your skin crawl and your tummy rumble, including 25 brand new additions.

Spooky things are happening as M&S Food has more than 50 creepy creations, to make your skin crawl and your tummy rumble, including 25 brand new additions.

Whether you’re cooking up a frightening family dinner, creating the most harrowing house for trick or treaters, or hosting a petrifying party, M&S has the essentials covered.

There are show-stopping dinner table centrepieces, petrifying party food, freakish florals and pumpkins of all shapes and sizes in stores now.

For the first time this year, M&S fridges will be absolutely crawling with creepy creations, perfect for family dinner tables. Pick up three meaty mains for £10 (£4 each), including the menacing Meatloaf Mummy, this year’s essential Halloween centrepiece.

For more great value dinner table treats, look out for M&S’ special Halloween pizza deal from October 28, where you can snap up two of the Devilishly Hot Pepperoni and Melting Mummy Pizzas with three sides for only £10.

Halloween is just as much about treats as it is about the tricks, so this year M&S has a range of cakes and desserts, including Pumpkin Patch Profiteroles and a very Creepy Colin the Caterpillar, adorned with chocolate maggots.

Here, we try out a few of the devilish good...


Hair Raising Ribs

£4, 618g

Spookily super sticky oak smoked British pork rib rack, with a BBQ glaze

3 for £10

These were delicious and very easy to cook, taking under half an hour. The barbecue glaze was not overpowering and had a hint of chilli. The meat fell off the bone and was very tender.

3 for £10

Meatloaf Mummy

£4, 812g

A menacing mince beef meatloaf mixed with mature cheddar and smoked bacon, then wrapped in butter enriched puff pastry

3 for £10

The meatloaf would make an eye-catching addition to a Halloween party table. The pastry puffed up brown and golden when cooked, but unfortunately fell off the meat when we tried to cut it, which made making it into party-size slices tricky. It was packed with meaty flavours so was quite hearty; however the front of the box said it was beef, but the predominant flavour was the pork

Box O’ Bats

£4, 400g

Beastly batty chicken shapes coated in farmhouse crumb

3 for £10

These well coated chicken bites were very simple to cook taking just 20 minutes in the oven and perfectly crisp to the minute. They are a good portion size for little ones and a fun way to serve up a quick tea, tasted great served with vegetables and new potatoes. The children’s verdict: ‘This dinner is great.’

Pigs in Bandages

£4, 400g

Smokey pork posh dogs™ wrapped in puff pastry bandages

3 for £10

The sausages had a good, slightly smoky flavour, but the pastry bandages went slightly soggy in the oven, and you can’t help thinking why have these when you could just have a sausage roll?


Spooky Milk Choc Lollies

£1.50 each, 24g

Children will love these, especially the spooky wrapping, with the choice of a pumpkin, spider or witch. The chocolate tasted a bit generic and not as good as other branded chocolate. Also, at £1.50 each, slightly expensive for the amount of chocolate.

Goulish Graveyard Treats

£2, 300g

Ten individual bags of jelly brains, bones, hearts and skulls.

There were not many sweets in the individual bags, but that does save calories. One taster was not keen on the texture, whilst another enjoyed the different fruit flavours. An interesting mix of fruit, plant and vegetable concentrates were apple, blackcurrant, carrot, hibiscus, raddish, tomato - and of course pumpkin. The flavours were not obvious but they tasted of orange and raspberry/strawberry.

Percy Gets Spooky

£1.65, 170g

Spooky soft gums made with real fruit juice

£1.65 or 2 for £3

The Halloween faces on the Percy Pigs were a nice touch. Our tasters enjoyed the flavours, particularly the apple ones

Vampire Fangs

£2, 110g

Extra cheesy fang shaped snack

It seems our testers have mixed tastebuds, as one said they were very cheesy and moreish, while other wanted them to be cheesier.

One taster said they were better than Wotsits.