Hitting all the right notes

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SEVENTY-nine-year-old Betty Worthington was on song when she spotted a familiar photograph on our Retro page on Wednesday, July 18.

We asked did anyone know when the picture of the presentation of a cheque for £1,500 to Dr Cowan and Sister Sian Jones, of The Christie hospital, Manchester, by the Euxton Singers, took place.

Well, Betty informs us it was Thursday, November 23, 1996.

In the shot, Joan Broughton, whose husband Denis, had been a victim of cancer, is seen presenting the cheque. A member of the Singers, Betty, of Cotswold Avenue, Euxton, said; “I’d joined in September, 1991, and I’m still in it now.

“The lady sitting down in the picture is Lois Caesar. She used to be our pianist for years and years. She’s retired now.

“They were great teams and we are still going – but singing slightly different music now.

“We still do a lot of charity events.”

Betty said the occasion the picture was taken was with the Orpheus Glee Union Choir. “It was a lovely night and exciting to be in the town hall,” said Betty.

“There was a stage full.

“We’ve now got about 40 members on our books I would think.”

Born and bred in Chorley, widow Betty married and moved to Euxton in 1959.

Betty said it was a lovely surprise to see the old photograph again

“I’ve got it tucked away in a cupboard,” she said.

“But it was nice to see it in the Guardian.”