James is all talk after beating speech woes

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An inspirational Chorley hairdresser is in the running for a top award after overcoming a stammer.

James Fisher said he could barely string a sentence together when he was given his first break at Foran and Blake Hair Salon.

However, owner Will Foran trained him on how to use the phone and run reception and he has now nominated him for a HABB Honours prize.

The award ceremony is held to recognise hair and beauty professionals who have achieved extraordinary things, and James is set to travel to London on Monday for the event.

James, of Gillibrands, said: “Six months ago it would have been difficult to get more than two words out of me, but Will gave me a chance and really took me under his wing.

“I came in to the hairdressing industry quite late as I’m 30 and it was a daunting prospect because of my stammer, but Will has helped turn it in to a positive rather than a negative.

“There has been a few tears along the way, especially when I was trying to master using the phone, but Will never gave up and now I pick up the phone without even thinking.”

James said he started with the stammer when he was as young as two years old, but he was determined to follow his dream and become a hair stylist.

He added: “It was really daunting because hairdressers obviously need to interact a lot with clients, but I absolutely love it.

“Will has been behind me every step of the way and has not only helped with my stammer, but also helped with my hairdressing too.

“I couldn’t believe it when I found out that he had nominated me for the awards and my mum and girlfriend are delighted.

“I already feel like a winner because I have come so far, but it’s great to be recognised in this way.”

Will, who owns two salons in the town as well as a dance school, said; “I can’t believe how far James has progressed since his first day with us and it is fantastic to see him doing so well. I’m over the moon that he has got through to the finals and thoroughly deserves the recognition for his hard work.”