Memories of Ted Stringfellow - but do you know his assistant?

Appeal: Ted Stringfellow is in the foreground but who is his assistant?
Appeal: Ted Stringfellow is in the foreground but who is his assistant?
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Flashback stories come from all parts of our local area as well as from further afield.

Last month this photograph dropped through the letter box with an accompanying note from Alan Davies of Wigan, whose father was a friend of the gentleman in the foreground of the picture.

Alan admitted that some of what he recalls may be hearsay but he hoped that someone would be able to set the record straight.

The gentleman in question was called Ted Stringfellow and he lived in Coppull but Alan was not able put a name to the young assistant on the right of the picture. The photograph was probably taken some time between the wars.

Ted worked at a motor-body building shop, constructing wooden bodies for vans and lorries. The vehicle behind him was probably a recently completed one about to be delivered to its proud new owners in Chorley.

The premises in the background were on Preston Road, Coppull- opposite to Coppull Motors, which is still occupied by the motor trade although it has been rebuilt from the original form.

Ted Stringfellow was subsequently in charge of the premises and may even have owned them.

As well as building wooden motor bodies the company made coffins as a sideline and this led to the development of a funeral business, hiring hearses and taxis from a company in Chorley.

Alan also recalled that there was a coal delivery service and haulage business run from premises behind Ted’s house in Spendmore Lane.

That yard has since been swallowed up by the housing estate. Maybe Alan’s photograph will awaken some old memories in Coppull or perhaps someone can identify the vehicle and tell us about its intended owners. If you know some of the stories of Ted Stringfellow and his enterprising businesses contact Flashback at the Guardian on 01257 264911 or email