Mini quad bike safety concerns

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Adults and teens riding mini quad bikes around Chorley are causing a nuisance for residents.

Police have been called to six incidents in the past month after residents complained about the noise and disturbance, and with the weather improving, they believe there could be a rise in the popular hobby.

A spokesperson for Lancashire Constabulary said: “Motorcycles such as mini motos and mini quad bikes are still a popular ‘toy’ amongst young people.

“If ridden safely and legally, they can be great fun, but sometimes they are used in an anti-social and dangerous way and this is something that won’t be tolerated.

“With the summer approaching, there maybe even more of these bikes around.”

It’s illegal for people to ride mini motors in public places, such as on footpaths, play areas and parks.

Police received a call about someone ‘racing’ around Runshaw College car park on Euxton Lane on April 10, but the rider had gone by the time officers arrived.

They also visited Yarrow Valley Park on April 19 after a number of young people were spotted on quad bikes and mini motor bikes, and were made aware of another incident on Folly Wood Drive.

On April 24, two off-road bikes were seized in Charnock Richard after they were used in an ‘anti-social manner’.

Coppull PCSO Liz Harrison, who attended the scene on German Lane, said: “The vast majority of motorcyclists abide by the law but we find there are a small minority who ride their bikes with no insurance and don’t comply with safety regulations.

“Such nuisance will not be tolerated and we will take action against anyone found to be breaking the law.”

They also confiscated two air riffles, which were being used to shoot a can.