Restaurant review - Alghero, Withnell

Alghero Restaurant at Withnell
Alghero Restaurant at Withnell
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Food is the best way to a man’s heart so ROBERT KELLY wondered if it was the same for women by taking his wife out.

I always seem to get in trouble every Valentine’s Day...and before you start to ask it was not because I forget to get my wife a card.

Each year I try to surpass my romantic gifts or presents. including getting a bunch of flowers and teddy to be delivered to her in her lectures.

Anyway this was no different as after agreeing to not buy each other presents I decided to get her a card and some roses.

To some that might be not much of a big deal but then I booked a table at one of the first restaurants we ever went to together....Alghero .

We have always had a love and passion for Italian cuisine so I thought that I would not go far wrong by getting a table there.

I had to use all my powers of persuasion to get her to go out for our first dinner as a couple since our baby Eoin was born.

Being Valentines’ Day I was not alone in trying to treat my loved one for all those times I have left my shoes across the floor or the toilet seat left up as we walked to the conservatory.

Even though we were sat in an open space with lots of other couples the owners have obviously taken into account the occasion with lighting giving each table a bit of privacy.

We decided to look at the starters off the specials menu with Carolyn opting for the filo pastry with a hot sweet chilli sauce which started the evening with a bit of a kick.

I opted for the bruchetta which was served with meatballs and a tangy and tasty tomato sauce.

To accompany this we got a tomato garlic bread (£3.75) which was full of flavour but at the same time it was not overpowering with garlic for the breath test after the meal.

At this point, I must admit that my waistline was starting to feel the pressure and I was tempted to loosen my belt.

After scanning through the menu looking at my options I considered the capricosa pizza (£8.25) which was topped with a ham and mushroom.

I even weighed up the Pollo Alla Crema (£13.95) which was sliced chicken with a white wine and cream and mushroom sauce.

Even Carolyn was shocke d when I finally decided on the Tortellini al Proscutto et Funghi (£8.50) which was pasta in a creamy sauce with ham and mushrooms.

As any of our regular readers know that my eyes are bigger than my belly but on this occasion I feel the chef had got the portions right as there was a reasonable serving to accompany the chips that I ordered.

The only drawback was that the restaurant was full otherwise I was tempted to lick the plate of its cream sauce

Meanwhile, Carolyn plumped for the linguine pescatore (£8.95) which was a good option for her as she is a lactose intolerant pescatarian - not eat meat but can take fish.

There were no complaints from her and she seemed to be enjoying her meal while I was struggling with mine.

Amazingly, Carolyn asked if I wanted to a dessert so I did not turn it down and ordered the hot chocolate fudge cake while she went for her favourite sticky toffee pudding.

Both of them went down a treat and I am just glad that there were no stairs to climb to get back to our car.

It is all on one level like a massive bungalow and I think it is a taste of Italy - hidden gem off the M65 motorway.

We will be returning soon after this experience and we won’t be leaving it until the next Valentine’s Day.


Name: Alghero’s Restaurant

Address: Bolton Road, Withnell

Telephone: 01254 202222

Food: Italian Cuisine with something for all tastes.

Rating: 10/10

Disabled Access: All on one floor but no disabled toilets