Restaurant review - Bobbin Mill, Buckshaw Village

The Bobbin Mill, Buckshaw Village
The Bobbin Mill, Buckshaw Village
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Andy Sykes uses the excuse of a friend in need to try a new eaterie.

WHEN a mate moves into a new home, the women think of a variety of ‘exciting’ questions. Men, largely, think of one.

‘Where’s the local pub?’

So as the women discussed interior design. what the neighbours are like, whether it’s weird your boyfriend wants to keep the toaster in the cupboard and the quality of Ikea furniture, we got in the car and sought out the nearest watering hole to ‘toaster boy’s’ new gaffe.

Said pub turned out to be The Bobbin Mill on Matrix Park near Chorley.

The warm atmosphere of this well-designed pub immediately hit us as we escaped the Bank Holiday Tuesday downpours outside, families chatting and tucking in probably just pleased to be escaping the endless jubilee coverage on TV.

Drinks ordered - ‘toaster boy’ suitably impressed with his Queen Bee ale choice - we were shown to our table and made our choices from the extensive menu.

We first started with a ‘Stateside Combo’, a platter of onion rings, breaded mushrooms, potato wedges, rotisserie chicken wings and garlic bread with dips.

Not bad value for £8.45 and it satisfied a few hungry mouths but the offering was a little bland.

On to the main event and we didn’t have to wait long thanks to the attentive service of our waitress.

I opted for the Beef and Ale pie (£8.15) which came with new potatoes and vegetables.

The pie was rich and succulent and unlike many other pubs, came as a slice of pie rather than in its own little shallow bowl.

It was by far the best part of the dish and for a true northerner like myself, the watery gravy was not just disappointing but verging on criminal. A personal preference, granted, but a let-down nonetheless.

The half rotisserie chicken (£8.75) was polished off with verve while ‘toaster boy’ was praiseworthy of the Redcurrant and Red Onion Pork Shank (£8.95).

The women each opted for a BBQ Bean Burger (£7.25) which came in a cracking looking bread bun and a bucket of chips.

In the interests of fairness, I tested the chips and they were true belters, big, tasty bruisers that added to the value magnificently.

As a non-veggie, I asked for their review of said bean burger.

“There was lots of beans in it,” came back the considered reply. They do say moving house is stressful...

The bill, with drinks, came to £76.80 - all in all a fair price for some decent fare.

And way better than the venue we last tried out.

The Bobbin Mill has a series of nightly offers, including two meals for £10 and children eating free between 3pm and 7pm Monday to Friday.

You can also snaffle a free drink by registering for a voucher on the pub’s website.


NAME: Bobbin Mill

ADDRESS: Off Eaton Avenue, Buckshaw Village

CONTACT: 01772 458160