Restaurant review - Cinnamon in Standish

The Cinnamon Indian restaurant at Standish.
The Cinnamon Indian restaurant at Standish.
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Chris Maguire enjoyed a night out with his wife while the kids enjoyed their annual stay at their nan’s

THERE are some traditions in the Maguire household that we always try to observe.

We always try and see Steve Royle in panto at Christmas; Mrs M does a bit of festive shopping with her sisters in November and I clean out the guinea pigs. (EDITOR’S NOTE: Guinea pig after the sudden death of Toffee.)

The other tradition is that for three days in the summer holidays our two girls stay with their grandparents.

It means me and Mrs M get to go out - like normal people.

Last Wednesday week we went to the cinema to see the latest blockbuster One Day. I can recommend it.

Then on Thursday we took advantage of our new-found independence to eat out.

“Let’s go to the Cinnamon Indian restaurant in Standish,” I suggested.

I tweeted a quick message on Twitter to say it was raining in Chorley and by the time we got to the Cinnamon one of the Guardian’s followers posted a message to say it was also raining in Standish.

I could vouch for that as we got drenched making the short dash to the front door.

The Cinnamon is almost next door to a popular Italian called the Olive Tree, which was absolutely packed.

Our car park was pretty busy and the restaurant has lively enough for a Thursday.

We took our seats and spent the next 10 minutes talking about our two daughters as we waited to give our order.

That’s the thing about being a parent. You crave grown-up time but the moment your kids are away you spend all your time talking about them.

According to the restaurant’s website, “Cinnamon takes the very best of Indian cooking and mixes it with the contemporary style of today’s modern restaurant.”

I don’t know what that means but the food smelt delicious.

We poured through the menu but couldn’t decide so opted for the set menu for two.

For £29.95 we had a list of food that was so long it reminded me of the Generation Game.

Poppadoms, Keema rice, Peshwari rice, Tandoori, Chicken Tikka Massalla, Lamb Rogan Josh, Chicken Bhuna, Tikka Korma, Jalfrezi Prawn and Aloo Gobi, whatever that is. Wow!

The website says Cinnamon ‘has a strong emphasis on service, from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave, we’ll do our best to make your visit special.’

The service was pleasant enough but I’m not sure I’d go that far.

We worked our through the poppadoms and then the main meal came.

It was basically loads of little dishes that formed a circle around the rice and naan bread.

If you imagine the dish was a clock, the dish at 1 o’clock was really mild but by the time you got to midnight it was time to order another drink!

I didn’t taste the hottest one but Mrs M said it was like rocket fuel.

We worked our way through the dishes and the one thing we guarantee is that you won’t go hungry.

The sauces were delicious and the meat was lean.

Judging by the rapport and the staff it was obvious that most of the customers were regulars.

The Chicken Bhuna and Lamb Rogan Josh were both delicious but I’m still no closer to knowing what Aloo Gobi is.

All in all we enjoyed our meal and we’ll probably go back because they’re open 365 days a year.

Unfortunately it’s another year before we drop the girls off at their grandparents again so we’ll just have to wait.


NAME: Cinnamon

CUISINE: Indian food

PHONE NUMBER: 01257 426661

ADDRESS: 487 Preston Road, Standish, Wigan, WN6 0QD

RATING: 8/10