Restaurant review - The Daisy

The Daisy Indian restaurant in Chorley
The Daisy Indian restaurant in Chorley
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Robert Kelly took advantage of his wife dining out by going out for a meal with pals at the Daisy.

With a new addition to the family around the corner and the promise of late nights because of a screaming baby, nights out with the lads are going to be a thing of the past.

So I decided to take advantage of my wife enjoying a night out with the girls in Preston by taking the Guardian’s own David Bailey - Josh Vosper - and one of my friends Stuart Hickinson out for a meal.

When Daisy Restaurant opened last year my editor kept saying ‘I’ll do a restaurant review there,’ but we are so sick and tired of waiting to go that I took advantage by opting to eat there.

If welcomes are anything to go by the restaurant would get top marks as two members of staff greeted us with open arms and took us to the seated areas to weigh up the options on the vast six page menu.

After long deliberation, I decided to get the ball rolling with six poppadoms (60p each) accompanied by the chutney plate (£1.50) which included mint cream, mango chutney, sweet chilli dip and spiced onions.

That was devoured in double quick time so that we could get on with the starters.

For the chicken tikka puree (£3.50) which Josh also decided to order as well.

It was chopped pieces of chicken cooked with green peppers and tomatoes served with puree.

Josh described it as a ‘taste sensation’ put on naan bread and it was stunning in flavour.

Meanwhile, Stuart opted for a chicken pakora (six) (£3.50) which was spiced chicken pieces in batter which went down a treat but one minor complaint was that the batter was a bit soggy and too soft.

Of course I had to try some of the pakora in the interests of fairness...and a rumbling stomach.

I thought the pakora was just spicy enough for me as I would rather enjoy my food rather than blowing my head off and reaching for a drink.

I was up for a challenge and that was why I opted for chicken curry (£7.60) which I have to add is on the mild rating of hotness compared my usual korma (same price) and got boiled rice (£1).

That was a decision that I would regret for the rest of the night because the lads thought I was not a man (or even a mouse) for having something so soft.

Anyway, Josh tried the South Indian Garlic Lamb (£9.80) with garlic naan (£2.50) and coconut ice (£2) - even though I think he was getting pretty full.

Josh gave his meal a big thumbs up and he thought it was rich in flavour

Stuart chose the lamb jalfrezi (£7.60) which was a traditional dish cooked with green chilis, capsicums, onions, tomatoes and coriander.

He chose pilau rice (£1.50) and shared the plain naan bread (£1.90) with me.

He enjoyed his meal apart from the kick ever so often from the green chillies which were making him look like a raging bull rushing for a drink to cool down his burning throat.

So I did the first manly thing that I have done for a long time and tried to take the chillies off his plate.

I stepped up to the challenge and ate four chillies in one spoonful and I could see why Stuart was struggling.

I finished off his curry which was probably at the top of the scale for me but I think the taste more than hotness was the most impressive thing for me.

As if two courses and a tray full of poppadoms were not enough Josh chickened out of sorbet as a dessert while Stuart soothed his tingling tastebuds by choosing to have strawberry cheesecake (£3.50).

At the start of the night Josh had said that he wanted a banquet and I think you will agree with all the courses we had that it was not far off it.

One possible drawback is that the only entrance to the restaurant is up some stairs which would make it difficult for disabled customers.

All in all the food was brilliant with lots of flavour and is definitley worth a visit if you are planning a night out in the town centre.

One thing is for sure that in future I will treat my wife to a trip to the Daisy.

Factfile -

NAME: Daisy Restaurant

ADDRESS: 1 New Market Street, Chorley

CONTACT: 01257 265527

CUISINE: Indian Speciality meals with traditional favourites such as Korma and Vindaloo


Mon-Thurs 5pm - 11.30pm

Fri-Sat 5pm - Midnight

Sunday 12 noon - 6pm.

RATING: 8.5 out of 10.