Shoppers show support

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People of Chorley have the opportunity to give Prince William and bride-to-be Kate Middleton a good send-off at a town centre shop.

Staff at Bon Marché have opened up a book at their shop in High Street and customers have been invited to write a message.

Assistant Manager Natalie Goodier said: “It has been quite good so far, there have been many different greetings put down.

“Some kids have even drawn their hands and then a message inside it.”

The whole Bon Marché company is going all out for the wedding and has put a special feature on it in their summer magazine.

But only in this region is the idea of the book being used.

The Chorley staff will be dressed up like wedding guests on the big day on April 29.

Regional manager Andy Burton said: “We were just trying to think of a way of getting our customers involved and we came up with the idea of a congratulations book.”

The book will then go down to Buckingham Palace in London to be presented to the couple.