Sporting pictures from the 1950s spark interest

The rare photo of the Chorley Cricket Club 1st team
The rare photo of the Chorley Cricket Club 1st team
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Two cricket photographs published in the Guardian’s Retro and Flashback sections earlier this month have sparked the interest of a number of readers.

Two cricket photographss published in Retro and Flashback earlier this month have sparked the interest of a number of readers.

The Leyland Motors picture

The Leyland Motors picture

One featured as part of our random selection of pictures from our archives on the Retro page, and the other was included in a Leyland Motors picture special in Flashback, from the archives at the British Commercial Vehicle Museum.

Coincidently, the two are connected in more ways than one, as a number of helpful readers have explained.

Ken Tattersall, president of Chorley Cricket Club (CCC), said: “The two cricket photographs have a link between them.

The Chorley Cricket Club 1st XI photograph is from 1954 and shows, front row, Ken Henry, Albert Mockett, Joe Blackledge, Jack Lancaster, Jeff Pomfret, and, back row, Michael Norman, unknown, Doug Rossall, Tom Edwardson (pro), Bernard Rostron and Jack Afflick.

“The second photograph on the opposite page is not a Leyland Motors team, though it was taken there.

“In the 1950s there was a Chorley and District Cricket League comprising Chorley, Adlington, Whittle, Withnell Fold, Leyland Motors and Leyland.

“At the end of the season, the champions of the league played against the Rest of the League XI and the photograph is of that team.

The link between the two photographs is that the lady on the front row of the second picture is Mrs Evelyn Norman, (third from the left on the back row is Jack Norman, her husband, who later was chairman of CCC) and they were the parents of Michael Norman in the first photograph.

“Mr and Mrs Norman donated the trophy for the competition.

“Also in the second photograph, front row second from the right, is Frank Henry, far right Clive Brindle (his father Len played for CCC) both of CCC.

“Back row fifth from the left is Rodney Leach (I think) of Whittle CC, and third from the right is Bert Blackledge who was the secretary of CCC.”

Reader Frank Henry added: “I think I can help you fill in some details of the two cricket photographs.

“I’m fairly confident the photograph of the Chorley CC 1st team was taken in 1954 and the team, back row, comprises Michael Norman, D. Whittaker, Doug Rossall, Tom Edwardson (Pro), Bernard Rostron and Jack Afflick, and front row, Ken Henry (my brother), Albert Mockett, Joe Blackledge (capt), Jack Lancaster and Jeff Pomfret.

“The photo in the Flashback section is not Leyland Motors; it was taken on Leyland Motors ground but it would, I think, have been a game, between Chorley and District mid-week league champions v The Rest of the League team and the photo is the Rest of the League team.

“In this instance I think Leyland Motors team may have been the champions hence the match being played on their ground.

“I can name some of the individuals because I am on the photograph, seated second from the right with the glasses.

“The lady in the centre is Mrs Norman and her husband who was a prominent official at CCC is standing third from the left on the back row with moustache.

“It is more than likely that the League trophy was donated by Mr and Mrs Norman.

“The umpire on the back row left is, I think, Tom Howard, and third from right on the back row is Bert Blackledge, for many years secretary of CCC.

“Seated on the end next to me is Clive Brindle and on the other side, I think, was Ken Parker, the captain, and seated second right is a young man named Taylor, nicknamed ‘Sugar’.

“Behind Ken Parker is Bernard Rostron who like Clive Brindle and me played for Chorley.”

And 70-year-old Linda Thompson, from Collingwood Road, Chorley, recognised her father in the photo of Chorley CC.

Jack Afflick is pictured on the far right of the back row,

“He was a regular player and I think this photo is from the mid to late 50s,” Linda said. “He played for the 1st and 2nd teams until he retired, and then he became an umpire.

“He played a lot of cricket and it was a most pleasant surprise to see him in the paper.

“I also recognise wicket keeper Albert Mockett, second from the left on the bottom row, and Jack Lancaster, second from the right on the front row.”

Jack, who married Catherine and had two daughters, worked in the ROF wages department.