Take to the trees for thrills and the views

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In the second of a summer series, David, 12, takes on the Tarzan Swing at Rivington’s Go Ape. Next week David becomes a zookeeper for the day at Blackpool Zoo

I’m starting to think my step-dad is trying to tell me something.

Last week he had me 
submerged in a 48,000 litres of shark-infested water and this week he’s been throwing me out of tall trees and hurtling me hundreds of feet across a forest attached to something not dissimilar to my mum’s washing line.

He assures me it is all for work, but I’m starting to 
wonder if he’s got other plans.

For now at least, his evil plan is only succeeding in making sure I have a cracking summer holiday so I’ll indulge him a little while longer!

This week’s challenge 
involved monkeying around, something I’m very well 
practised in, with my mate 
Riley and that simian step-dad of mine at Go Ape high wire forest adventure course in Rivington, near Chorley.

Before setting out on our treetop journey, our group and a few others were given a quick safety briefing and kitted out with harnesses and pulleys.

I nearly died of 
embarrassment when the safety instructor picked my step-dad to demonstrate how to use the zip-wire and the silly baboon fell on his backside in a heap of wood chips.

To be fair, it does take a 
little getting used to but if my step-dad can figure it out it can’t be that tough.

Before long we were let loose into the forest to climb the trees and slide across high wires, crawl through tunnels, cross rope bridges, walk planks, and zip down to the ground using a network of rope bridges, trapezes and zip slides, all set high up in the tree tops.

The adrenaline-packed course takes you 30ft high into the trees of the West Pennine Moors and has a total of 35 tree-top crossings, the best of which is a 650ft wind-in-your-face zip wire over the edge of the Rivington Reservoir.

There is no greater sight than watching your slightly embarrassing step-dad hurling towards you at lightening speeds, grin plastered on his face, before splatting in a heap on the floor tied up in a knot of pulleys and carabinas.

For a good few hours we swung, scrambled, climbed and slid our way around the forest. Two of us managed to resist the urge to let out Tarzan whoops as we swung.

I’ll give you one guess who didn’t resist the urge?

But I’ll forgive the old ape this time because we had a great time.

It is easy to see why Go Ape Rivington was voted best tourism experience at 
Lancashire and Blackpool Tourism Awards 2011 and nominated in the Visit 
Manchester Awards 2012 for small visitor attraction.

l Go Ape is open daily throughout the summer 

Prices are £30 for gorillas (over 18s) and £24 for baboons (10-17). Minimum height restrictions in place. Visit www.goape.co.uk for more information and to book.