£250k CCTV upgrade plan

Chorley's CCTV control room
Chorley's CCTV control room
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Chorley’s CCTV cameras could be upgraded in a £250,000 project.

Plans to replace the existing cameras in a three-year investment programme have been accepted by Chorley Council’s executive cabinet and will now be put to the full council.

The current CCTV system, which has been in place since 1996, has a mixture of analogue and digital technology, with the functionality of the equipment becoming ‘increasingly outdated.’

The cost of repairs has risen in recent years, with a current annual budget of £29,700.

The upgrade would ensure the CCTV system uses current digital technology and reduce the cost of repairs.

Coun Paul Walmsley, who looks after people’s safety for the council, said: “People have said that they do feel safer with CCTV around and that they see it as something which can help prevent crime and disorder.

“As our current maintenance contract comes to an end in March next year, our overview and scrutiny panel looked into its effectiveness to advise us on the best way forward.”

Coun Mark Perks, leader of Chorley Conservatives, described the upgrade as “a sound investment.”

But he raised concerns about the possibility of parish councils being asked to make contributions to the upgrade.

He said: “I do have concerns on the council exploring the position that parish councils may be asked to make contributions to CCTV infrastructure upgrade.

“I would not like to see any current CCTV operating in a parish council area to be placed at risk just because the parish could not contribute.”

Coun Walmsley added: “We just want to explore all options that may be available at this stage, it would be remiss of us not to.”