£35,000 spent on new bins

New bins: Coun Adrian Lowe with one of the bins
New bins: Coun Adrian Lowe with one of the bins

Old-style litter bins will be replaced with 150 new waste containers in Chorley.

The new bins will have increased capacity and accept both litter and dog waste.

They will be placed around the borough in parks, play areas, car parks and other locations in a £35,000 investment by Chorley Council.

Coun Adrian Lowe said: “This scheme is an extension of last year’s successful project to replace 500 litter bins in the town centre and main areas across the borough.

“These new and improved waste containers have the capability to hold ten per cent more litter than the previous bins and will therefore improve the council’s efficiency as the bins won’t need to be emptied as often.

“We have already seen the benefits of cleaner streets after the installation of the new bins last year, which in turns frees up our Streetscene staff to concentrate on more pro-active tasks such as tackling grot spots across the borough.”