40mph speed limit U-turn on Chorley road

Lower Burgh Way in Chorley which is set to stay as a 30mph instead of plans to change to 40mph
Lower Burgh Way in Chorley which is set to stay as a 30mph instead of plans to change to 40mph

Campaigners say people power has convinced county hall bosses to scrap controversial plans to increase the speed limit to 40mph on a dangerous Chorley Road.

Highways chiefs at Lancashire County Council have been inundated with letters complaining about a decision to change Lower Burgh Way from a 30mph limit.

However, Tim Ashton, cabinet member for highways and transport decided last week after the officers have recommended that the current limit should stay.

Coun Steve Holgate, who represents Chorley South East, said; “There has always been an issue on the road and currently there is a 30mph smiley face indicator sign.

“With it being a straight road cars have always been speed up to 15mph above the limit and residents were concerned that if LCC increase it to 40mph then motorists could go up to 55mph.

“The proposal to raise it comes after the council had put the limit to 40mph on the nearby Gillibrands North and South estates.

“However, the difference between the two areas is that Gillibrands has roundabouts to slow people down whereas Lower Burgh Way only has two T-junctions and blind hedges so you cannot see speeding cars.

“If motorist gets side-swiped going really fast then you are talking about serious injuries or even death.

“With the number of complaints we can only assume that people power won the occasion.”

David Maxwell, lives on Oakwood View off Lower Burgh Way, said: “This is excellent news to keep it at 30mph but we will be pushing for more measures to stop people speeding.

“They include campaigning for more signs on the road and cameras.

“There are quite a few traffic islands on the street and people stand fearing for their lives as they try to cross the road.”

Alan Capstick, public realm manager for Chorley, said: “We always listen to what local people and their representatives have to say about changes to the roads, which is why we are reconsidering the previous decision to increase the speed limit on Lower Burgh Way.”