A&E protest will go on every week

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CAMPAIGNERS will protest outside Chorley Hospital every week until its closed A&E department is reopened.

The newly-launched Protect Chorley Hospital Against Cuts and Privatisation group is stepping up its action against the shock closure.

More than 100 supporters attended a meeting in Chorley Town Hall on Wednesday evening when it was discussed how the protest could be taken forward.

Campaign organiser Steve Turner said: “The idea from the meeting was ‘what do you want to do, what’s your ideas to promote what we’re doing’.”

He revealed: “One of the ideas was to demonstrate outside Chorley Hospital every week until the A&E is reinstated.

“There will be a protest this Saturday, that will be ongoing until this decision is rescinded.”

A huge protest march – like the one through Chorley in the 1970s over fears of closure of the hospital then – is also on the cards. Around 10,000 people took to the streets and spearheaded a successful campaign at the time.

“We’re trying to organise a mass rally like in 1977,” said Mr Turner.

Other decisions made at the meeting included carrying out a leaflet drop in Chorley and Leyland yesterday, getting protest T-shirts, car stickers and wristbands made and sending emails to Karen Partington, chief executive of Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and to Jeremy Hunt, Secretary of State for Health.

Mr Turner said: “People were telling us they had emailed already and it was a good way to do things. We asked people if they wanted to come on the organising committee and we got six people form the floor, which is great.”

The Protect Chorley Hospital Against Cuts and Privatisation Facebook group now has 16,500 members.