A happy ending as Murphy gets to go home

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An impounded dog – which sparked an online rescue campaign – has been released and is on its way home.

Murphy, a five-year-old Eurasier, is heading back to Scotland from Chorley.

The pet was rehoused with a Chorley family just a few weeks ago.

But the family contacted the police, who in turn got in touch with Chorley Council officials, who took the dog away and put him in kennels.

It is understood it followed an incident involving a child.

However, following an investigation, Murphy has now been freed and returned to its previous owner in Scotland.

Coun Paul Walmsley, who oversees public protection for Chorley Council, said in a statement before the dog was released: “We were asked to take the dog and we’re currently arranging for an assessment of it.

“It is prudent that we make the necessary checks to ensure no one’s safety is put at risk.”

Later, the council said it had come to an arrangement with the family and that it was not treating Murphy as a dangerous dog.

It said the incident came to the authority third hand, from the police, and that it had no details of it.

It said it believed Murphy was being taken to Lincolnshire until the owner could make arrangements to pick him up.

Before being taken to Chorley, the dog belonged to Bobbi Mulholland, 21, of Kilmory, Strathclyde.

On November 27, Bobbi Mulholland posted this message with a photograph of Murphy on her Facebook page: “This is Murphy a 5- year-old, castrated, male Eurasier. He is a very loving boy and a great wee pet.

“Murphy is people and dog friendly and can be walked off the lead with great recall.

“He does come with some quirks which can be managed with time and attention.

“Murphy is looking for a new home as me and my partner are expecting in April and I feel he’ll be happier being in a home where he can have more attention.

“If you, or anyone you know may be interested and would like to speak further with me, let me know.”

But on learning Murphy had been placed in kennels not long after letting him go, she and others were outraged and an online campaign began to free the dog.

Lyn Harrison wrote on Facebook: “Bobbi Mulholland I am devastated for you, Stupid people.

“Any half-decent dog owner knows there must be a settling in period, especially with an older dog

“Our two are completely daft and soppy, but if there were young kids around I would watch them carefully.

“They are dogs. I do not understand why they did not contact you and ask you to take him straight back?”

On December 20, Bobbi Mulholland posted: “The kids must have been too much and he snapped.

“I am so unbelievably shocked as I have had him around children frequently and he never displayed concerning behaviour.

“I understand they are concerned for their child but I had no chance to have him back myself and now he sits in a cold and lonely council kennel.”

However, on December 23, Gillian Giblin posted: “He is starting his journey home tomorrow thanks to the power of Facebook and people who care enough to help it has renewed my faith in people by the great love shown for Murphy!”

A Lancashire Police spokesperson said: “Unless it was a banned breed or a dangerous dog, that’s where our involvement would end.”