Action on new Asda junction after petition

The junction outside Chorley's Asda store
The junction outside Chorley's Asda store
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Action has been taken to help solve traffic problems at one of Chorley’s busiest town centre junctions.

Lancashire County Council has made changes to the traffic lights outside the new Asda store after the junction was dubbed ‘dangerous’ and ‘an accident waiting to happen.’

A residents’ petition demanding changes received 426 signatures in 48 hours.

The junction, which sees traffic coming from Pall Mall, Market Street, Bolton Street and George Street, was built to help pedestrianise the area ahead of the supermarket’s opening. But since it opened, the layout has been criticised.

LCC says that it has made changes which has eased the problems at the junction.

Andrew Burrows, LCC’s highways manager for Chorley, said: “Whenever we install a new traffic signal-controlled junction or road layout, we monitor it to see how it works in practice.

“The final changes and equipment we had planned to improve the signals were put in place last week.

“This involved the installation of some new equipment and changes to some of the signals, as well as changes to the sequencing and phasing of some signals.

“This has helped traffic flows across the junction and turning traffic. Our engineers have continued to monitor the junction and these changes seem to have worked well.

“But we will continue to monitor the operation of the signals and investigate any new comments.”

Karl Hitchen, who launched the petition, added: “I’m glad something has been done, the traffic is flowing a lot better, I’m happy it has been addressed.”