Aldi staff break into parked car to let delivery van in

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A store has apologised for “any inconvenience” after its staff smashed into a parked car and pushed it into bushes - claiming it was obstructing a delivery vehicle.

Its shocked owner Janina Wasiuta, 29, made the horror discovery on Friday evening.

She could not believe what had happened to her £4,000 Ford Fiesta Finesse while she was in work just a hundred yards away.

Its driver’s door window had been smashed, leaving the seat covered in broken glass. And it had been dumped into a nearby bush. No explanation note had been left.

Janina had parked on a road directly between the Aldi store, Harpers Lane, and the railway line because of the bridge work. Usually she parks at the side of the former Harpers pub - but that road is blocked off because of the work.

Janina, of Chorley, a fully qualified beauty therapist at Aromaspa Health and Beauty, Harpers Lane, said: “It’s the first time I’ve parked there. There were no signs to say no parking or yellow lines. There were cars parked behind me. My car wasn’t causing an obstruction. I’m just angry and upset.

“I was told apparently it took them four hours to get the truck in. If they have spent four hours messing about trying to find a way of getting in, they could have come to the shop to see if it was a customer. Aldi said it’s private property. Their attitude was disgusting. I got no apology.”

Janina reported the incident to police.

An Aldi spokesperson said: “As a very last resort we had to move a vehicle that was preventing an Aldi delivery truck from reversing into the loading bay. Our store staff had searched for the owner of the vehicle for more than four hours. They had also contacted the local police to try and obtain the registered owners details. Unfortunately these were not available.

“After every other option was taken into consideration, the car was then moved by Aldi staff. The owner of the car returned at approximately 9pm, three hours after we moved it. We are in communication with the car owner to rectify the damage caused, have offered to pay for all repairs and have apologised for any inconvenience.”

Lancashire Police said the incident was being treated as criminal damage. A spokesperson said: “We are investigating.”

A Lancashire County Council spokesperson said: “It’s not an LCC highway. It’s a private road.”