Angels ready to save lives with two defibrillators

Chorley's Angels member Rachel Cull with the AED trainer
Chorley's Angels member Rachel Cull with the AED trainer
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First aid group Chorley’s Angels have secured two vital devices for saving lives, thanks to a helping hand from the Guardian.

They now have two defibrillators, which can restart the heart if someone suffers a cardiac arrest.

They also have an AED trainer, a device similar to a defibrillator which does not emit a charge and can be used for training.

The Guardian published a story earlier this year about the group raising money to get a


Chorley’s Angels had applied for funding through Lancashire County Council’s local member grants scheme and received money from councillors Michael Devaney, Terry Brown, Keith Iddon, Steve Holgate and Bev Murray.

After the article was printed, they were contacted by paramedic Cheryl Pickstock, from North West Ambulance Service, who provided information about getting defibrillators at a reduced price.

The group found they had enough money to buy two defibrillators and the trainer.

They have now been handed over and have already been available at local events.

The group has also received financial support from Chorley Community Housing (CCH).

It used its neighbourhood fund to provide money for uniforms, equipment and kits for the group.

David Forrest, group leader, said “These kits are absolutely essential to us and enable us to cover many events in one day.

“There is no doubt in my mind that the Chorley’s Angels group are succeeding far beyond our expectations and this is down to support received from the local community and the funding received from CCH.”