Anger over 49 homes scheme

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Residents on Mill Lane have been campaigning for months against an application for 49 homes on green space near Coppull Enterprise Centre on Mill Lane.

They say that the proposals will bring traffic chaos and exacerbate congestion.

Despite seven letters of objection, Chorley Council’s development control committee approved the plans by HOW Planning LLP on behalf of Tatton Estates.

Outraged local resident Denis Hodkinson, 58, says that their road is already like a motorway with vehicles using it as the only route to the Enterprise Centre.

He said: “There are always children out on Mill Lane and I don’t think anything will be done until an accident takes place.

“It is getting worse every week and there are only four speed humps on the road which even I can go over in my Nissan Micra and the lorries just race over them

“This is meant to be a rural cul-de-sac but we are going to have to set up a petition or something for more traffic calming measures before someone gets hurt.”

Coun Ken Ball, who represents Coppull, said: “It is worrying that residents concerns will rumble on unless more traffic calming measures are introduced.

“Mill Lane is busy enough without any more cars from a housing development adding to it.

“The main problem is the articulated lorries using Coppull Enterprise Mill as they cannot even get around the corner from Kimberley Road onto Mill Lane if there are cars parked up.”

Richard Barton of HOW Planning LLP said: “The vision for the scheme is to develop a sustainable housing development on an underused brownfield site.

“We have carried out relevant tests on the surrounding road network and highways officials from Lancashire County Council found that any impact on the are would be negligible.”