Annie, 8, mauled by dog while out playing

Annie Ramsay, eight, after being bitten by a dog
Annie Ramsay, eight, after being bitten by a dog
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  • Eight-year-old Annie Ramsay was bitten by a dog in Whittle-le-Woods on Thursday
  • She needed plastic surgery to treat her injuries, which included part of her lip being taken off
  • It could be several weeks before Annie is well enough to return to school
  • Police said they have seized a dog

A mum fears her eight-year-old daughter could be permanently scarred after being bitten by a dog.

Beckie Ramsay said daughter Annie looked like “she had been in a boxing ring with a boxer and done nine rounds” after the attack.

Annie was walking with friends from a park when she was bitten by the springer spaniel at around 5pm on Thursday on Union Street, in Whittle-le-Woods.

Part of her lip was taken off, her cheek was punctured and she suffered a black eye.

Annie walked home to nearby Church Hill and was taken to hospital.

She had plastic surgery on Friday morning to reconstruct her lip and had a number of stitches in her face.

At the time of the attack, Beckie was being interviewed by radio station Rock FM about an award she was being given for campaigning for water safety.

Her son Dylan was just 13 when he died in July, 2011 at a quarry in Whittle-le-Woods.

Beckie said: “I was heartbroken when I saw her.

“For my baby girl, I was very distressed.

“I had to put a brave face on for Annie. I was scared.

“Annie was petrified. She has been a little trooper. She has done everything the doctors have told her to do.”

Annie was sent home from hospital on Sunday and has had to eat most of her food through a syringe.

She will return tomorrow to have the stitches removed.

She will need to wait to see how her injuries heal, but doctors have said she will probably have a hairline scar on her face.

Beckie believes it will be several weeks before Annie has recovered enough to return to lessons at Manor Road Primary School.

And she is worried about the long-term impact the incident will have on Annie, who she described as “the biggest dog lover you would ever meet”.

She said: “The doctors are hopeful. Obviously plastic surgeons can do wonders these days so we have to share their enthusiasm and be hopeful that she will be okay.

“It’s the mental impact though. The first day, we couldn’t mention the word ‘dog’ in front of her because she was hysterical.

“All the family have been telling her there are good dogs and bad dogs and she has started saying she doesn’t dislike all dogs, but she hasn’t encountered a dog yet.”

The incident has been reported to Lancashire Constabulary and a spokesman said the dog was seized on Sunday.