Appeal joy as shelves fill at Chorley’s food bank

Carol Halton at Living Waters Storehouse
Carol Halton at Living Waters Storehouse
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Generous readers stepped in to help when a food bank made a desperate appeal for donations.

Supplies were running low at Living Waters Storehouse in Chorley, as donations fell earlier this year and more people were in need of food parcels.

“From the article we had an amazing response and the floodgates of heaven opened.”

Carol Halton, food bank co-ordinator

But after an appeal by the food bank’s co-ordinator Carol Halton, caring people came to the rescue to help fill the shelves again.

She said: “From the article we had an amazing response and the floodgates of heaven opened.

“We had lots of donations from supermarkets who were putting more in the trollies, churches were coming and businesses, and we are stocked up now.

“That has been a real success.”

Carol believes donations fell as people had bills to pay and were getting back into a routine after Christmas.

But she said that as soon as people realised there was a problem, they helped.

And the food bank is now able to help in a new way.

Carol said: “Because we are stocked up we have started putting recipes together.

“One is corned beef hash. We have put all the items in a separate bag with the recipe and when they come in, we ask if they would like to make it.”

She says some people do not know how to cook and it is a chance for them to learn how to make the meal.

The food bank, based at Living Waters Church, continues to collect donations, particularly tinned meat and packets of rice or pasta where hot water can be added.

Donations can be taken to the Storehouse between 10am and 2pm on Tuesdays and Fridays.